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Meet the Directors

Claire Taylor-McHale: Managing Director/Registered Manager

Claire’s initial input into the Company when it was first started in 2003. Claire  helped provide the solid foundation on which it stands today. Claire first worked in the Health and Social Care sector 20 years ago and has worked for organisations such as Veeda Clinical Research® which is a global Contract Research Organisation specializing in the early clinical development of drugs and conducting first into man studies. After obtaining a degree in Psychology at Plymouth University and Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology at London Metropolitain University, Claire worked as an Assistant Forensic Psychologist for the prison service running Sex Offender Treatment Programmes (SOTP) and Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS) before re joining the family Company in September 2006. Claire manages the day to day running of the business and maintains progress meetings with Trish and Keith on a regular basis.

Kevin Taylor-McHale: Operations Director

Kevin has worked with Taylors of Grampound Ltd since 2009 and his roles within the company are varied.

Kevin’s primary responsibilities include the day to day management of the Company’s finances and the development of ongoing operational strategies for the business focussing on continual analysis and development of current operational procedures, from back office to frontline.

In addition Kevin over sees the management of Human Resources, including recruitment processes, staff retention, disciplinary and conflict resolution, and the continued development of excellence in customer service.

Kevin strives to continually develop and maintain network links with key stakeholders in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of services along side the Company’s Multi Agency Partners with key focus being that of the people we support experiences from start of service to completion of service, and, to ensure processes run as smoothly as possible will often liase with Social Services and the Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group on behalf of the people we support especially on matters of finance.

Prior to working with Taylors of Grampound Kevin has held Senior Management positions in the military, having served for 17 years in the Grenadier Guards, and has worked as a researcher both in academic settings, where he worked on PhD research in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Plymouth, and in Market Research, where he was responsible for the management of research projects for the finance industry with the responsibility for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and subsequent delivery of the research results to stakeholders of leading financial institutions across the United Kingdom.

Kevin also has teaching experience in Further and Higher Educational settings and has worked both as a tutor to undergraduate studying psychology at degree level and on Access to Bigher Education courses in Cornwall.

Although he no longer works directly in the field of psychology Kevin continues to pursue his interest in human behaviour and has particular interests in Performance Psychology and the Management of Anxiety and Stress related issues and has studied Brief Cognitive Strategic Therapy, Brief Strategic Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Kevin also has interests in mobility and the relationship between quality of movement and overall human health, pathomechanics (poor movement mechanics which result in dysfunction or injury) and pain resolution and in his spare time is currently pursuing a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Manual Therapy.

Outside of work Kevin enjoys spending quality time with his wife Claire, three children (Jacob, George and Grace) and their dog (Jungle) whilst “slowly” renovating their small family cottage.

Trish Taylor: Director

Trish has over 30 years experience working as a Carer and is a well known figure within the Care Industry. She decided to start her own Company ‘Taylors of Grampound’ in March 2003 as she believed that something was lacking in terms of provision being offered by various Companies in existence at the time. Starting out operating from a spare bedroom in her cottage with two clients. The Company now employs aprox 130 permanent full and part time staff and provides services to over 300 clients. Despite the Company’s growth since 2003 Trish is keen to maintain her initial aim of offering a bespoke service of the highest quality with empathy, patience and respect at its core, and assists her Daughter Claire, in maintaining this aim.

Keith Taylor:Director and Company Secretary:

Keith has worked with the Company since November 2005. With over 25 years of management experience Keith is able to deal effectively with queries from both Support Workers as well as Service Users. Keith assists and guides the other directors in their pursuit of profit and growth but also acts with integrity and independence to protect the interests of the company, its shareholders and its employees.