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Meet the Senior Management Team

Jane Batterbury: Head of Community Support

Jane has worked with the Company since January 2009. Having previously worked with the NHS as a Midwife and Registered Nurse she has brought to the Company experience in a number of specialities and a wide knowledge base. Jane has a strong work ethic and a high standard of care which she expects from the Support Workers under her supervision. However, she is always approachable and happy to work with you to resolve any issues you may have, both professionally and privately in complete confidence where necessary.

Jane can be contacted at the following email address:

Alison Craven:  Training & Development Manager.

A well qualified and experienced Teacher/Trainer/Manager possessing extensive hands-on experience including the establishment, delivery, implementation and management on a range of accredited courses. Proven track record of retention and achievement throughout career. Professional experience gained within varied practical and development roles, mainly within FE and Vocational training, community education and program management. Believing a mature, constructive and eclectic teaching approach and effective working relationships between staff, students and employers are crucial to a responsive learner attitude, a successful learning environment and meeting the needs of both Students and establishments.

Rose Brown: Data Manager

My name is Rose Brown I was born in Cambridge
In 1979 I started working at The Ida Darwin Hospital to provide care for children and adolescents with mental health problems as well as specialist learning disabilities. I was there for six years.
I then transferred to The Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge as a Theatre Support Worker. I supported the theatre nurses and the operating department practitioners. My role included looking after theatre equipment ensuring the theatre is clean, transferring the patients to the recovery room and wards. I stayed there for two and half years then I left to start a family.
In 1992 I started working for an care agency as a carer in the community after enjoying my role I moved to a larger organization called The Cambridge Housing Society and got promotion to an Administrative Officer
In 2000 I moved to Cornwall to run a company with my family albeit I ended back into the care industry in 2002 as an Administrative Assistant and also worked in the community as a carer.
I joined Taylors of Grampound Ltd in 2006 as a support worker then with my experiences I was invited to work in the office as a Data Manager. I have two assistants in the rota/data department they are Michelle Rowe and Abby Pennalum who is currently on maternity leave.
I am responsible for the entire take on under the tender process and entering all the data for each service user. Ensuring the rota scheduling for staffing over the two areas, liaise with service users, care team and managers. Maintain levels of continuity, ensuring the runs of work are cost effective. Checking and confirming all visits on Caremanger3 and CM2000 for payroll and invoicing.
I have gained a lot of knowledge within the health sector over the years and achieved the following qualifications; NVQ 3 in Care, Managing and safe handling of medicines level 2, Essential IT skills Level 2 and Business & Administration level 2 and Understanding the care and management of Diabetes Level 2.
Rose can be contacted at the following email address:

David Rogers: Payroll and Accounts Manager

Dave can be contacted at the following email address: