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Our Services

Taylors of Grampound provides supported living for a number of individual clients across the county and due to varying individual needs; we offer a wide range of holistic services in response to diverse needs.

We provide care and support in your own home, wherever you live in Cornwall.  We offer personal care, support to attend health care and other appointments and enable you to do the things you enjoy, such as shopping, visiting the cinema, attending your favourite event or going for a meal!

Taylors of Grampound provides personalised services to:

Occasionally our support staff may be asked to undertake tasks that may be deemed to be specialist. These tasks may be undertaken following an appropriate risk assessments and only after specific training. Your support worker will be trained in the procedure before undertaking the tasks with you and the trainer with a relevant qualification e.g. Occupational Therapist, Nurse or Speech Therapist.

At present we do not offer services to those under the age of 18, however this is an area that we are currently investing in.

Examples of our services include:

Personal Care