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Younger Adults Care & Support

Our support staff are trained to help care for and support adults who have a learning disability like autism and many other conditions. Taylors of Grampound has been providing specialized support since 2003 and have developed services with Adult Social Care, Health and private clients.

Autonomy and Independence: People are assisted to make their own decisions and control their own lives, and are encouraged and supported to develop the skills needed to make decisions however large or small.

Working with each person, no matter what their understanding is, what is the best way for us to communicate with the individual to increase their understanding, to help them make the right decisions for them. We will work to each individual’s level of understanding and encourage the individual to make choices about their daily lives.

We strongly believe that people with learning disabilities have the same intrinsic rights as anyone else in society, which includes the right to develop and make informed choices about their lives. They are encouraged to be a part of the wider community and are supported to reach their full potential.

Keeping people safe

Human rights are respected and upheld. All staff is trained to identify signs of neglect and abuse. Taylors of Grampound Safeguarding Adults policy is taken from the Local authority “Multi – Agency Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults inCornwallandDevon”.

Each person will have their Person Centered Care Plan; Managers will work with each person in completing their plan e.g. how that person chooses to live, the plan will identify any health needs, how best to communicate with individual, what support is required and in what areas, how to support the individual to make the most of leisure time, supporting them to maintain friendships already made and help them develop new ones.

This involves many activities, which together enhance the quality of provision, and help the client to gain maturity by valuing and supporting them at different times of the day, and in many different circumstances.

Support staff will help and support people to access all forms of public transport, increasing community presence and developing new skills. People will be encouraged and supported to keep contact with people who they have identify as very important to them, using various formats.

All Support staff is fully trained and has enhanced criminal records bureau checks.

Risk Enablement

Taylors of Grampound Ltd is aware and accepts that in order for people we support to experience normal day to day activities it is necessary for people to take risks in the same way as all other people in society. Managers and support staff will undertake risk assessments to reduce identified risks, although this will not remove all aspects of risk from any activity.

The aim of a risk assessment is to be proactive in supporting people through the calculated risks of day to day living. Risk assessments are not used as a restriction on the freedoms of the person we are supporting.

Taylors of Grampound are registered and monitored by the Care Quality Commission as a Domiciliary Care Company which ensures that the Support Service meets all the requirements of the Health & Social Care Act 2008.

If you require further information about services that we provide to young adults, please call our friendly team on 01726 884402.